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Vin Santo del Chianti Classico “Occhio di Pernice”

Vin Santo Bucciarelli Antico Podere Casanova

GRAPES: 100% Sangiovese

VINEYARDS OF ORIGIN: exclusively from the Antico Podere Casanova in Castellina in Chianti – Tuscany

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: After a careful selection, the grapes come made to wither. After drying, they are pressed and the must obtained is placed inside the kegs where it ages for about 10 years.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Brilliant amber color concentrated. Wide and enveloping, it smells of stuffed dates, chestnut honey, barley candy, apricot jam and raisins. Sweet and satisfying, with complete freshness and great softness. Very long persistence with clear returns of honey and dried fruit.